Kathi Ziolkowski founded Zinc Production Company in 2000 after working in-house at Holt Renfew and Club Monaco. At Holt Renfrew she produced all advertising in broadcast and print; as well as managing vendor partner relationships. At Club Monaco she led PR internationally; she launched the brand in the USA, was the company spokesperson appearing on television and radio, while also creating partnerships with celebrities like Shawn Combs and publications like Wallpaper*. From 2011 - 2016 Kathi was the agent and CRO of The Coveteur, a lifestyle content and commerce company. Leveraging the digital and social power of global fashion influencers, she built an in house agency for advertisers to provide editorially driven content, social media strategies, strategic partnerships, celebrity casting and curated events.


Andrew McGrath has extensive project management experience in event management and production roles at various companies including Jed Root, Walter Schupfer Management and IMG. At Jed Root, Walter Schupfter, and 1+1 he specialized in production. He is a fashion and photography industry specialist with 7 years experience at leading companies in these fields, managing budgets of high profile brands across North America and Europe